A Perfected Way Of Website Design And Development At Syscraft

A Perfected Way Of Website Design And Development At Syscraft

Syscraft has been working diligently for its clients since inception, In the past 11 years, we have expanded our customer base in 20 countries and have completed around 500+ projects and delivered 50+ apps in both iOS and Android. 

Our leading service is Website designing and development and we have successfully delivered projects across industries, We have worked for Ecommerce, Event Management, Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Product Development.

With certified professionals, we constantly strive towards providing you with unique, innovative, and affordable solutions. Let us introduce you to our 5 major points while designing a website. 

  • Planning - Review, Analyze, and Design a strategy for your project. 
  • UI/UX - We don’t just design. We create and curate the best designs to cater to your brand needs with utmost feasibility and smoothness. 
  • Device Compatibility - We know how important it is to create adaptive interfaces and hence all our designs adapt according to device, OS, and browsers.
  • Development (CMS) - We customize to meet our client’s needs while creating a user-friendly CMS.
  • QA and UAT - Our QA and UAT team makes sure to do multiple checks under various scenarios to give the users a smooth experience post-launch. 

The digital space is evolving constantly and to capture the eye of your customer, your website should do so in less than 3 seconds. 

Everything revolves around how great your website looks, how responsive it is, how smoothly it works, what content will catch the eye and give a seamless experience. 

Let us introduce you to some major facts that you should take care of while getting a website designed for your brand. 

  • Catch the Eye

fonts, designs, colors, video, layout everything combined the website should catch the eye of your customer the second they land on your website. 

  • Magic of SEO

It is important to start the SEO process while you design your website, a good copywriter can help you write exuberant content.

  • Less is more

Lengthy paragraphs bore the users and reduce responsiveness, less and to the point content with proper multimedia materials.

  • Change with time

An average lifetime of a website is 2-3 years, as the technology evolves fast you need to keep updating your website. 

  • Language sorted! 

If you want to have good SEO, make sure that your website only has one language otherwise it confuses Google. 

  • Stock Images - a big NO

It might seem an easy way but stock images do not give your website uniqueness. It is better to invest in some of your own graphics to make your website look more authentic. 

So now you know that website design and development is not just coding, it is much much more than that. Tread carefully as your brand to give a good impression will need a good presentable website.

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