An Automation That Works: Employee Engagement & Productivity

An Automation That Works,  Employee Engagement & Productivity- Syscraft

Today companies increasingly monitor productivity of their employees on production lines or algorithms to optimize their logistics, manage inventory, and carry out other core business functions efficiently. Thanks to modern technology and the pervasiveness of Mobile and Web, the world of business has changed radically in a very short time.

With smartphones and social media blending work life and personal life, it’s getting harder to draw the line between the two — and, in fact, it’s often no longer necessary. But this does present challenges to employers concerned about how employees are spending the work day, and how best to monitor their productivity.

Technological advances are creating a new automation age in which ever-smarter and more flexible monitoring mechanisms are deployed on an ever-larger scale in the workplace. What has perhaps changed is the pace and scope of what can be monitored. It is a prospect that raises more questions than it answers. How monitoring productivity will transform the workplace? What will be the implications for employment? And what is likely to be its impact both on productivity in the global economy and on employment?

The metric that matters is task completion, not minutes spent at the office. There has to be some effective tools to track employee productivity by breaking down work into tasks and assigning them appropriately until projects are complete.

We at Syscraft have developed two solutions where the small and medium size firms can tactfully and effectively track the employees during the day and get important insights, like if they have completed the tasks efficiently required of them or if they are being productive or not.

You can find ways to track hours, manage tasks, track location and measure productivity through FieldSalesForce and ProdTK.

FieldSalesForce automation solution is designed for organizations with major sales staff in field like Pharma industry, Insurance and Non-Banking Finance Companies who operates with large and diverse field force at multiple locations. This solution provides mobile enabled application along with web based management tool for organization to operate with live access to information at a low cost of ownership and faster time to market. Syscraft’s FieldSalesForce platform can help mobile enable the Field Sales Force in record time and ensure best productive utilization of time at both end – the field employee and their manager. The solution is available on Android Smartphones and provides live access to calls scheduled, previous records of calls made to the same client and what was discussed, route map to reach or plan your meetings and also to input expenses incurred for reimbursement.

On the other hand, ProdTK is a project management plus monitoring tool for small to medium IT firms to track working man hours, calculating productivity based on working energy, softwares worked on and the algorithmic results of idle to working time. Tool is connected with your project management system so you have a complete audit of project status based on tasks accomplished, cost to company based on man hrs utilised and profitability scenarios. Aimed at improving productivity for small to medium IT organisations, this tool gets handy for managing things effectively without actually doing micro management.

Summing up, a good employee monitoring system save you an incredible amount of money in regained productivity, but it’ll also dramatically improve your team’s work dynamic, show you who deserve a raise or promotion, and free up the time you normally spend on administrative tasks for more move-the-needle projects. These kinds of Automation solutions can enable businesses to improve performance, by reducing errors and improving quality and speed, and in some cases achieving outcomes that go beyond expectations.

We aim to have a proper work-life balance and the best way I feel is to have maximum productivity in working hours and enjoy a social life without work tensions.

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