How Reduced Loading Time Of Your Website Can Increase Your Sales

Reduced Loading Time Of Your Website Can Increase Your Sales-Syscraft

Nobody likes a slow website. Slow websites are inconvenient. Here comes the importance of website speed optimization. 

The website speed or page load speed is the time it takes for a web page to load and run on a device, and is a determining factor in the performance of any website and hence its results in terms of traffic and conversion. One of the main areas where your website can oscillate, and badly affect sales, is its load time.

What Your Customers Want

A fast-loading site is not a luxury; it's a necessity for everyone today as nobody has got time to waste. Customers expect the maximum time a website should take to load is 2 seconds. Research says that if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load- 57% of prospects will abandon the site and go elsewhere to find an answer or buy a product. 80% of people will never return to the site.

A slow website will blemish your image and cost you a new business that's why website speed optimization is important. 

What Google Wants

Google considers factors such as site speed and load times in its search ranking formula. Google page speed insight can potentially have a big impact on your website on google.

By optimizing website load time, a good ranking on search engines becomes a closer step.

A fast site means that Google can crawl pages more quickly. The more pages Google crawls, the more content you have stored in Google's massive library of resources and, the more opportunities you have to get found by and connect with potential buyers.

What Your Sales Team Wants

Most of the sales teams have questioned these days, “how to reduce website loading time?” A slow site will not only be favorable for your customers or search engine but also for your sales department. Increased website load time can lower customer satisfaction, decrease page views, and hurt your conversion rate, all factors that can have a negative impact on your sales.

- A Fast Website Improves Your Bottom Line

Syscraft helps you reduce the average web page load time from 7 seconds to 2 seconds.

- A Fast Site Increases Sales Opportunities

A better site speed can increase the page views to 25%. The more pages a visitor sees, the more content they consume and, the more opportunities you have for sales.

- A Fast Site Increases Revenue

Syscraft analyzed an increase in 7-12% revenue after they made their website load faster. 

Tools For Website Speed Test

For website speed test or page speed test or website speed test mobile in details such as the load time, its general performance, the size it occupies, how many requests are produced, and how those figures compare with other similar websites there are many tools. Some of them are listed below.

-  PageSpeed Insights

-  GTmetrix

-  Pingdom

-  WebPageTest

Final Thoughts

Website speed is an important matter that deserves your attention. Not only does it impact your Google Search rankings, but it is also an important factor for how your visitors perceive your brand. And most importantly, how fast your website sells.

Want to know how great your site is performing? We can audit your site performance and give you actionable steps to make it load faster. We can also help you with implementation if you prefer.

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