Lockdown And Video Classes: Reformed Education System This Pandemic.

Reformed Education System This Pandemic-Syscraft

The excitement of packing a new bag on the first day, polishing shoes, waking up early was all at standstill during this unexpected turn of events for the education system. 

This year, we all faced major repercussions of the global pandemic, education was one of them. It was observed that nearly 32 crore students were affected by the lockdown due to the pandemic.

The world wide pandemic has affected many lives in many different ways and it forced the education system to adopt a new and different approach, while small kids had to learn studying on video classes, teachers had to learn and adapt to new methods. 

Tough these difficult times taught us that technology can transform our lives in many ways, while people learned to work from home, get essential items through various services offered online and learn new things while doing all of this. 

This pandemic taught us that we have to be ready with digital solutions and learn to survive in adverse situations. 

To make our teachers, students and parents have a strong comeback after covid we have come up with a perfect assistance app EduDiary. 

EduDiary is a user-friendly app that helps parents and teachers connect on a common platform. In the daily hassles of a busy day, it becomes very challenging for the parents to keep track of their ward’s academic performance, attendance, and other regular school activities.

This App will help bridge the communication gap between the school management and the parents, making it extremely easy for both parties to maintain transparency of accurate information.

EduDiary has 3 panels for Teachers, Admin and Parents which has important features for each party. 

Virtual Attendance

Teachers can select class, section and date and take a virtual attendance for better tracking and reporting. Parents can track their child's attendance. 

Academic Calendar

A calendar that will help the teachers to keep track of events, special days, tests. Everything you can mark in the calendar and parents can keep a track of upcoming events. 

Notes for Diary

Add notes for each class you teach and keep information on the tip of your finger for reminders. Assignments and Projects note for students and parents to check. 


A feature that allows the teacher to publish an all note for parents of vital information.

Exam Results

A feature to publish test and exam results for parents to directly view with better transparency.


Teachers can upload special day captures on this for all students and parents to access. 


The most important feature allows the teacher to communicate with parents and send them messages as per convenience respecting the privacy of the student and parents. 

We believe that our app will successfully help parents, teachers and school authorities to better track the progress on individual level as well as school level. 

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