Why Does Your Website Need Voice Search Optimization?

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Technology is transforming on a rapid basis and hence people now have new ways to search the internet for information. One such technology which is now booming is voice search technology. Voice search optimization> gives a business the chance to rank organically. People are using voice search for directions, inquiry, weather and to acquire all types of new information.  It has been observed that 40% of adults now use voice search at once a day. 

The biggest reason for a boom in voice search has been seen because it is easier than typing and hence your website needs to beoptimized for voice search.

Let us look at some of the benefits to business with voice search: 

Many users search in a different way through type as they would do via voice, so it is necessary to optimize your website for both ways. A user might search for services in their nearby area using voice assistance. 

  • It gives quicker results than traditional search

The user does not have to go through pages of search results to find the suitable answer to their query, they immediately get a response through voice search as many voice searches do not even require the user to pick up their devices. 

  • Users feel it is more reliable 

Users feel the information through voice search is more reliable because Google's algorithm gives out the best results with voice search. This will help your business gain more traffic by increasing the brand’s trust and reputation. 

Your business can benefit tremendously from voice search optimization, but the question is how to optimize your website for voice search? We as the best digital marketing agency can help you with complete SEO services.

Let us tell you some ways: 

  • Long-tail keywords: Users tend to ask long questions through voice search and hence a certain type of detailed answer as a result. Using long-tail keywords in your schema markup can bring your website as a result for a query. 
  • Turn queries into keywords: In this scenario, FAQ pages work the best, you can utilize the queries users ask in voice search and the answers should be at a length of 29 words as Google prefers to display answers that are in this length. 
  • Mobile Optimised: As voice search is maximumly used on mobiles and tablets it is practical to make your website more mobile-friendly.  
  • Reduce loading time: Google prompts the website as the top result among competitors whose loading time is less and hence it is necessary to improve that factor of your website. 
  • User Experience is essential: Your site needs to be mobile-friendly, fast and HTTPS secured as google voice search focuses on a website from which it can gather information as quickly as possible. 

The best way to be at the best game is hiring the best IT company with thebest digital marketing agency which can first help you prepare your website for mobile and help you implement those services.

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