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Field Salesforce automation solution is designed for organizations with major sales staff in field like Pharma industry, Insurance and Banking & Non-Banking Finance Companies etc.

Salesforce is a cloud computing CRM, which is integrated with Business Cloud, Assistance Cloud, Marketing Cloud, IoT Cloud, Application Cloud and Health Cloud. Salesforce encourage the user with an interface for case management and work management, and a system for dynamic chasing and accelerating important activities.

Syscraftonline provides a straight forward Salesforce Integration Services, which facilitates the user to integrate Salesforce CRM with various platforms and tools like -

Sales Cloud-

Get your sales improved with Sales force; Sales cloud is world's #1 sales and CRM application. Sales Cloud helps to gear-up your consideration, get new clients quickly, and get the cope quicker and with more ease. The Sales Cloud allows you to handle your connections with the special component namely Contact Management. This module provides a greater glance of your clients, along with their activity history, main contacts, client connections, and in-house account analysis. Sales Collaboration module of Sales cloud encourages you with the ability to tap into the expertise of any salesman with help of the social partnership system created for the business. Here you can track the deal and observe its improvement.

Marketing Cloud-

Salesforce marketing cloud is ancohesive solution for e-mail, social networking, client progress administration, web inclusion, presenting, content formulation, CMS, and data analysis.Salesforce marketing cloud enables you to perform personalized marketing via e-mail. With this, you can frame and administer any of the e-mail campaigns.

This automates your promotion and can help you in scaling your marketing operations and also allows you to achieve the client with significant messaging during the whole process. Marketing Cloud also can help you with mobile messaging services like SMS, MMS and Team Messaging so as to reach clients immediately.

It allows you to go cross-channel and boost your digital marketing approach by becoming a link between mobile and email strategy. Marketing Reasoning also allows you to deal with and modify your ad drive to achieve your customers securely and intensely.

Service Cloud-

Salesforce Service Cloud encourages you to provide your customers world-class service and support. Service Cloud allows user to automate service process, integrate workflows and find main flaws and experts to inform the agent. The Purpose of Service Cloud is to harbor one-to-one marketing accord with each and every client, over numerous programs and on any device.

Salesforce Service Cloud for Applications makes it possible to integrate customer support software with CRM. In the application, mobile support can include live operator video chat, and on-screen accompanied instruct. The application is also specific with Salesforce Community Cloud, which provides more discussion medium for providers and clients.

If you are looking integration with sales, marketing and service cloud using SalesForce, you are arrived at right page.Our professionals of SalesForce CRM Developers have a vast experience in developing any kind of customization or implementation solutions. For more details, call us at +1 (415)-670-9666 or feel free to reach us at, We would love to answer your questions.

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