The Modern Website Design Trends In 2021

Modern Website Design Trends In 2021-Syscraft

We all want to put 2020 behind, but before doing so we should gather everything it taught us. We need to learn from the past and move forward with new ideas and positive hopes in 2021.

Web designing will always be dynamic but the best way to improve is through reflection. So take something positive you can from this year to apply it in the upcoming year. For that, all you need is the best web design company.

Let’s check out new Websites Design Trends that can be expected in 2021. We, as a website designing company in India, bring you the top ten web design trends that will include:

-  Chatbots

-  Dark

-  Neomorphism

-  Interactive 3D Elements

-  4K Ready Website

-  Original Illustrations

-  Minimalism

-  Minimal Navigation

-  Mobile-First Design

-  Geometric grids


Chatbots originate from AI and have been used in online stores. Chatbots are alternatives to the FAQ section.

Chatbots are rarely pushy but are mostly handled through interactive elements. The user can respond to the request without leaving the website. In most cases, chatbots are mostly the search bars. Fascinating would be how chatbots operate in 2021.


Any website designing company can develop designs that are centered on the dark concept. That reason being it is trendy because of its warm features and smooth design. In discrete, dark user interfaces gives a modern feel to a website and so it is favored. Perhaps a color switcher for the page can be added so the user has a choice of using light or dark modes depending on the device or situation.

The Bear Grylls website is a good example of dark mode done well.


Neumorphism tends to bring more realism to website designs. Card-based layouts are now more popular and this new modern approach will add more life to them. It may be a bit complicated to understand, but this trend in web design will be a boom in 2021 and can help you find the perfect contrast of your product or service to make it more attractive to your visitors. 


What will 2021 have in the bag for the 3D content? 3D elements make a web page more dimensional and discrete. Many designers are pushing boundaries with maturing technology for us to see interactive 3D content appear on websites, captivating users. Businesses are looking for both 3D and VR to increase the interaction with their audiences.


If your website is steady with resolution then it might not look so great on high-resolution monitors.


In 2021, web designers are trying to use more vector graphics and CSS. For that designers have to make sure they are sufficient for 4K resolution. Also using a responsive layout is a must to make sure the website is device friendly.

The illustration is very popular among web design, graphic design, and social media communities. Illustrations create authentic and welcoming elements to websites that users demand and appreciate.

To continue to promote diversity in 2021, more and more companies are hiring illustrators and graphic designers intending to create custom illustrations for their websites. After showing flat, minimal designs for years, adding illustrations to your website is a great way to give it personality.


Minimalism will always provide a clean, clear, and luxurious experience. 

The use of bold colors in a minimal way will give an impactful result, which is the combination that will be taken into 2021. By using the combination of vibrant and contrasting colors you can make your impactful first impression, leaving an unforgettable imprint of the website in the user’s minds.


We think this is another design trend we will see during 2021. Most web users are familiar enough with a website design that they know that if a menu isn’t immediately visible, it will be on the page somewhere. Hidden navigation can be encouraged as long as the design is clear.

While essential for some designs, navigation and menus take up a lot of screen real estate. The design needs to be compact with smaller screen size. Hidden navigation solves that.


It is said that as a rule, the mobile version of digital content is used by the engine for indexation and ranking. So if the website has a mobile-first design strategy, then it will have a higher position in the search engine result pages. So, the mobile view comes to the first place, as the number of users who prefer mobile solely or first is constantly growing. 


Geometric grids are a way to structure a layout, with a clean and bold look. Lending a solid structure and straightforward presentation, geometric grids should be in the toolbox for any web designer.

Syscraft is looking forward to 2021!

If your website is falling behind and is lacking these new website design trends, don’t let your competitors beat you to it!

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