What Are AI-Powered Chatbots And Their Benefits?

AI-Powered Chatbots And Their Benefits-Syscraft

Demand for AI-powered communication will be on the increase in 2021. Websites will be more focused on building AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants for improving customer experience. 

First of all, understand what an AI-Powered chatbotis, A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can converse (or chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or the telephone.

Chatbots may be underrated and can't give all the answers to customers as humans, but they are convenient and can instantly engage users once they land on the web page.

Chatbots provide users with fast responses, which can help businesses to avoid delays and customer drop-off rates.

All Chatbots are trained on data collected from users through a series of engagements, which allow them to provide better solutions. Moreover, they use natural language to create interactions with humans. 

Speech recognition techniques and cognitive intelligence are combined to make chatbots more reliable than human support staff. Global industries such as IT, Educational, eCommerce, travel and tourism, healthcare, etc, are realizing the importance of chatbots.

Why Chatbots Are Important?

1) Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services

2) Enhance customer experience

3) At the same time, they offer companies new opportunities to improve the customer engagement process

4) Reducing the typical cost of customer service

 Type Of Chatbot

  • Support Chatbots

Support chatbot designed to solve a specific problem, They should be able to walk a user through a business process and answer a wide range of FAQs.

  • Skills Chatbots

Skill chatbot can just follow a command to act. For example, a skills chatbot can follow the command ‘switch on the fan’ readily, with its speech recognition functionality. Amazon’s Alexa has great chatbot features.

  • Assistant Bots

The most successful example of assistant bots is Siri by Apple, which can not only assist the user with several tasks like fetching the news, making a google search, setting reminders, etc but also responds funnily if it doesn’t understand any query.

  • Transactional Bots

These bots often act on behalf of humans to perform various transactions. For example, in a restaurant placing an order, making a reservation, etc.

  • Information distribution and gathering Bot

Both bots are very important for a website because information distribution chatbots send post and news notification to the user which help to increase more traffic on site. An information gathering chatbots collect all important information from a user.

Information gathering bots are very relevant in the education and corporate training sector as well as in the digital marketing sector for research-based tasks. 

These are the top five types of chatbots we can integrate our website to become more responsive.

It depends on your business needs so firstly understand your business and which type of question to ask your customers.


To sum up, depending on the usability and functionality, chatbots can be of the top five main types.

Support chatbot with its context awareness, unique personality, and conversational nature finds use in several industries.

Skill chatbot can just follow a command to act.

Assistant chatbots are a combination of support and skills chatbots with the capability to both understand humans and follow their instructions.

Transactional chatbots can help reduce the workload in several industries by performing transactions on behalf of humans staff

The information-gathering & distribution bots can be great for the research and distribution of information.

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